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Super Cyclone 2.0

  In partnership with University of Quebec in Chicoutimi
Aviatech Products R.C. launches an important improvement project of its Super Cyclone kitplane

Alma, August 23rd, 2016 – Aviatech Products R.C. and its partners are proud to announce
the launching of the Super Cyclone Kitplane 2.0 project, a technical improvement of an
aircraft kit that the company has been manufacturing for several years.
Estimated at nearly $300 000 CAD, the project will allow to offer a much more technological
version than the actual kitplane. Easier to assemble, the new version of the kitplane will be
accessible for a larger range of people wishing to build an aircraft structure themselves from
preformed and pre-cut components.
We have noticed over the years that the complexity of assembling the current kitplane and the
limited technical support could complicate the task for a non-experimented person. In
partnership with University of Quebec in Chicoutimi (UQAC) and our financial supporters, we
are working on making major technological improvements to the kit, facilitating the
assembling and developing a technical guide, which will allow buyers to build the totality of
their aircraft without requiring professional services”, explained the Aviatech Products R.C.’s
CEO, Carl Duguay., adding that the Super Cyclone, a reconstitution of a Cessna 185, is by far
the best bush plane on the market.

The project
For a duration of 2 years, the project will be divided into 4 stages. During the first stage
initiated few weeks ago, a mechanical engineering student from UQAC will design several
plans of different parts of the aircraft to build by using a 3D scanning of an assembled
aircraft or drawings. In the second stage, Aviatech Products R.C. will identify which changes
have to be done to the kit in order to facilitate the building and assembling of the pieces,
reducing component manufacturing cost as well as improving the overall performance of the
After making the identified changes to the kit, new 3D designs of all parts will be realized
along with drawings of the modified manipulations. We will then use 3D drawings of the
components to make new drawings to show partial assembling. Finally, a technical text
describing all manufacturing steps will be written which, added to the technical drawings,
will form a complete easy-to-follow document. The manual will be complementary to the
kitplane and will be available for buyers.

Valued partners
In addition to the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi, Aviatech Products R.C. benefits from
the involvement of numerous valued partners, such as Canada Economic Development for
Quebec Regions, the city of Alma, the Lac-Saint-Jean Local Development Centre and
Aluminium Valley (via Rio Tinto funds for Aluminium Valley). The University also receives
financial support from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
(NSERC), which will financially support the project for a minimum period of six months.
The manufacturer plans on delivering the first components within the next year, including
the wings. An aspect which, according to Mr. Duguay, will bring happiness to hundreds of
Canadian and American pilots who have shown high interest towards the kitplane new
Significant benefits for the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean area are anticipated, such as the
development of highly qualified staff in the field of aeronautics and the creation of new
aluminium product applications.
About Aviatech Products R.C.
Aviatech Products R.C. is a company specialized in approved maintenance for private and
commercial aircraft (including Pilatus PC12). Aviatech Products R.C. offers a full range of
services such as structural repair, seaplane maintenance, repair & fabric covering for
Tubular steel airframe as well as numerous type of inspections and floats manufacture. The
company is located at the Alma Airport (Quebec, Canada). For more information about
Aviatech Products R.C., visit our website at

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